Introduction for agency partners

Welcome to RankSense! By partnering with us, you will have access to features that are not available to general users. These advanced features unlock the most powerful aspects of the RankSense app:

  • Implement changes quickly, without requiring a developer
  • Track the pages you have changed
  • Validate that the changes had the intended impact
  • Use an agile workflow instead of a traditional workflow, if desired

Everything that you will need to get the most value out of RankSense is linked from this page.

Getting Started
1.1 RankSense overview
1.2 Setting up RankSense on a client’s site and sharing access
1.3 Introduction to the RankSense dashboard
1.4 Operational workflows
1.5 Certification process
1.6 Connect Google Drive to RankSense

Implementing SEO changes
2.1 How to create custom SEO changes or “rules”
2.2 How to publish SEO rules
2.3 How to preview changes in staging
2.4 How to tag SEO rules
2.5 Types of tags
2.6 How to use RankSense to A/B test SEO changes
2.7 How to use RankSense to monitor SEO changes implemented without the app
2.8 Advanced rules (wildcards)
2.9 How to update or remove existing rules
2.10 How to publish rules using our API

Analyzing results
3.1 How to see when search engines have picked up SEO changes
3.2 How to validate which changes are effective
3.3 How we determine clicks from organic visitors

We are here to help, and we welcome your feedback! Contact us with any questions or comments.