How to publish SEO solutions on RankSense

This is one of the advanced features available to sites that are managed by an agency. If you need a recommendation for an agency that uses RankSense, please contact us!

RankSense has the ability to make SEO changes using what we call “rules”. For the details on how to set up SEO rules, visit the article “How to create custom SEO changes with RankSense.”

In this article, we will explain how to publish these rules in the RankSense app. If you wish to track the pages’ performance after you apply a certain solution, please see the article, “How to tag SEO changes to gain insights.”

Connect GDrive
In the RankSense app, go to Settings, then Integrations. Click the Connect button below Google Drive.

Sign in to the Google account that has access to your rules sheet.

Import rules file
You should now see a tab in Settings called “SEO rules.” Go to that tab, and add the URL for your spreadsheet URL beside “Import.”

Click “+ File.”

This loads the rules into the software, but they are not live on the site yet.

Publish to staging
We recommend publishing to staging first to ensure the rules are working correctly. On the right side, select Staging.

You can click “Show log” to display a summary of the rules that were found, and you can click “Show” to see all rules of a certain type.

Use this to verify that your rules were recognized correctly, then click “Publish.” The software will display the date and time as confirmation that the rules were published.

See our article, “How to verify changes on staging” (coming soon) to check that the rules were applied correctly.

Publish to production
Click on the Production tab. You can check the log to verify the rules are present, then click Publish.

Again, you will see the date displayed as confirmation that the rules were published.

You can verify the changes on the live site by simply visiting the site. You may wish to use our Chrome extension as a convenient way to check meta tags, noindex tags, and other SEO parameters.